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Traditional Memorials - Cremation Tablets

Granite cremation tablets are simple, elegantly-designed and low maintenance memorials, designed to mark the burial of ashes within a Garden of Remembrance. They are designed to fit a standard 2ft (60cm) x 2ft (60cm) concrete foundation and can be made to hold one or two integral vases, if required. Available in our full range of colours.

Our cremation tablets offer an exclusive ashes burial plot together with a traditional engraved granite memorial. Inscriptions can be enhanced with motifs, insignia and photographs. Speak with a member of our team today to find out more.



In the current situation we are very sorry that the personal service we pride ourselves on has been compromised in some way. We'd like to offer a 10% contribution towards the cost of the memorial that you and your family select; whether you arrange it now, remotely, or in person when the situation has passed. To qualify for this, please register your interest by completing the enquiry form. This offer will be available to you, or your family, until the end of August 2020.


Traditional Tablet

A traditional and simple desk tablet with a flower container. Dark grey granite other materials available. Approx. w 12” (30cm) x h 18” (45cm) Reference: CT 01

Desk Tablet With Design

A traditional desk tablet with flower container and a sandblast design. Black granite other materials available. Approx. w 18” (45cm) x h 18” (45cm) Reference: CT 02

Memorial Book Tablet

Desk tablet shaped as a book with cord and tassel and flower container. Blue pearl granite other materials available. Approx. w 18” (45cm) x h 18” (45cm) Reference: CT 06